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Leytonstone, London

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A bedroom is where one’s day begins and ends which means functionality and the ability to turn into a relaxing retreat play a critical part in the design process. The owners desired a luxury master suite with a holding bedroom/ living space, en-suite and walking wardrobe within an open layout while each space having there own privacy. Creating a cohesive space openly connected while they each have their own isolated moment?



Studio Approach

Our team worked closely with the owners to understand their lifestyle and how they moved and interacted with their home and bedroom. To create more space, we knocked down the walls from the under-utilised rooms on the first floor to create one grand master bedroom. Instead of doors within the space, we created floor-to-ceiling slots between the walls to establish a seamless transition between the bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom. To further enhance this seamless detail, we included paint patterns that changed in level throughout the main bedroom to establish zones. Combinations of minimalist and maximalist accents work to emphasise the warmth and comfort within the space. To achieve many of the bespoke details, the Studio worked with local craftsmen to design and build some of the furniture featured in the photos, such as the bathroom mirror and lighting.

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