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“If you’re going to make a creative space you have to think about it creatively.”

~ Jeff Moore,  Sketchbook Thoughts,  The Photographer’s Studio

In Conversation 02 Research: Britain’s creative industries are thriving and the arts are producing a wealth of cultural capital for the nation each year. And yet, we are facing a studio space epidemic. Due to soaring rent prices, many artists are relocating out of London, and some even relocating abroad.  REMI.C.T Studio is asking, how can we maintain the creative fabric of London?



We have created an open dialogue with London’s creative community, from performance artists to painters, ballet dancers to actors, some well-established and some graduates.

What is each artists definition of a studio?

In total, we will have 101 conversations.

This project was born as research within Remi.C.T studio.  The aim of the piece is to unearth the core of what it means to be an artist with a studio in London, and how we can bridge the gap between artists and developers through conversation.  The aim is to transcribe the research dialogue into a pop-up exhibition further enabling a space for conversation to develop.

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