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Forest Gate, London

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In Construction


The Studio was hired by a local property developer to design a backland infill site. Atherton Place is a continuation of another project-Atherton House. We wanted to explore how we could make Atherton Place and House not feel like one imposing development while responding to the need for housing in London.

The interlocking tower, the main differentiation between the two buidlings, was designed to reference both a historic style of building, whilst also demonstrating modern elements. The site originally had planning for four units, but through our design strategy, we were able to secure planning for 8 units in Atherton House and 8 units in Atherton Place.



Studio Approach

We planned and analysed to specifically suit a contemporary lifestlye on different scales. Atherton Place feels synonymous with the adjacent landcaspe, while adding an independent, inviting, and attractive visual language.

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