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Palazzo Mora, European Cultural Centre, Venice

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Opened from 26th May- 25th November 2018


Society is dealing in the currency of land ownership and list style, and high commodities within the laboratory of London. However, by 2025 60% of London’s population will no longer be able to take part in the ownership conversation.

Increasing population and an acute housing crisis are causing the city to enter a new era. When it comes to the dynamic London natives, lifestyle needs vary greatly and there is no 'one design fits all' when it comes to lifestyle necessities.

This raises the question of whether there are ways to connect design to the development process, not only as a component of it, but as a primary language that allows development to happen and be dynamic?

We are looking at the future, and anticipate a new fabric of design.

The small scale development could provide an option for a new generation to be a part of the culture surrounding the power of ownership within the gaps of London; sculpting their possibility of ownership.

With the ethos of the small developer, these conversations can happen in the context, characteristics, and complexities of the shell space. Many small developers are unaware of the opportunities that can arise as a result of a change in the perceived norm.

Conversations such as these start to fulfill the demands of the housing crisis and contemporary lifestyles, requiring spaces that can be versatile, accessible, and facilitate living around design.



Studio Approach

What it we were to design within these new parameters of development, to create an alternative future?

We are a product of our surroundings, and in response to this, our sculptures will exist within the realm of potential, acting as portraits of a more diverse, accessible London.

Development should allow art and design to filter through al aspects of the process.

We believe in the potential an the power of ownership

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