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Forest Gate, London

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Received Planning


Keeping the design modest while complementing the surrounding architecture is the aim of Kingsley House's proposal; keeping the appearance of materials and using minimal materials on the front façade help the design to be considerate of its surroundings. With the help of landscaping and vegetation, this proposal adds soft finishes to the streetscape and the rear view of the property.

The proposal holds a contemporary three bed/ six person house starting with a sunken folding front garden, a comfortable massing of interior space within the dwelling’s envelope, and an extensive private rear amenity space.



Studio Approach

The design of the rear aligns nicely with the Kingsley Split scheme that the studio is also working on; a cohesive action despite them being different designs.

The studio has been able to mass out the build beyond what was previously possible while exceeding the original perception of space and unifying the designs accordingly.

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