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East London

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In Planning


The evolution of East London and its voids within the urban environment brings constraints and more importantly, opportunities. Quality design and infrastructure can be implemented to enhance and celebrate gaps and restrictive places that enhance the existing fabric and improve the condition of the local environment.  



Studio Approach

The scheme ambition of working to create a unified backland mews was about land assembly with multiple landowners to create a cohesive streetscape to connect with the existing Ash Road. The brownfield site is dynamic with various structures and open spaces within the site and various victorian houses surrounding the site. Considerations on creating a destination triggered the primary focus of creating a bold engaging contemporary massing to redefine the new mews development within the East End. 

Each house provides a high-quality space engaging with light, grand ceiling heights and forming a flow of space to engage with a modern lifestyle that results from the current traditions of living in a post-pandemic world. The basement engages with an open plan living space, the ground floor provides a large bedroom and study while the first floor creates a bedroom and grand master suite. 

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