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This piece aims to challenge how we perceive development within residential communities through creating a structure that will keep the diversity of artistic communities post-gentrification and allow the artists to stay ingrained within the community. Gentrification is a strong word. And yet, it is a story that we are all too familiar with on a local, European and Global scale. The artists create cultural capital, and subsequently, the residential appeal creates value. Within the laboratory of Hackney Wick, the studio is watching this process in motion with artists relocating from their typical warehouse settings.

London’s creative communities are essential to the city’s cultural personality; so how can we keep them engraved within a long-term community?

We believe this is part of the idea.

The studio has created our interpretation of what we believe this future of studio space could be.

A system that would not only make studio spaces feasible for the artist but also the people who create the physical representation of those spaces (the developer)

An Artist Tower would create a new idea of artist spaces presented in the context of maintaining the density and a new form of future studio spaces. Its influence to its surroundings is in cohesion to the future fabric of the district, through softening the ground floor economical bust.

An artist typically needs tall heights and an affordable space. Each space would be a raw canvas space, thus the finish does not have to be at the highest standard, which creates a sustainable studio environment.

The future is up.


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