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Unlocking London’s arches has been a productive infill concept so far. Many arched sites across London are home to charismatic cave settings in the form of bars and restaurants, as well as quirky workspaces.

However, multiple plots remain uninhabited due to TFL’s infrequent but necessary requirement to access the spaces, despite the requirement for servicing only being once every two years in some cases.

What if we were to design transportable territories for these infills? 

The design for the arches allows access for TFL, but also for the space to be functioning. The movable infill celebrates the original characteristics of the arch rather than masking them, whilst making a feasible proposal for its use through the transportable structures/units. 

Studies from GLA show our creative industries to be growing rapidly, “between 2009 and 2015 the GVA of the creative industries in London increased by 38.2 per cent, compared to a 30.6 per cent increase across all industries.”  ~ London’s creative industries 2017 update, and thus the demand for affordable units is high and continuing to grow.

Could the transportable nature of these units provide an affordable alternative? 

The design could accommodate artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, providing a unique and desirable space which would fill in a site widely defined as unusable. 


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