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Sick of a lonely, draining and monotonous reality? This sparkling new lifestyle could be ALL yours.

Delicious barista style coffee, a social life on your doorstep, all of the cutting-edge technology and Instagram-worthy dinners! Darn near the perfect way to live.

Want this glamorous, stress-free and fulfilling lifestyle at your fingertips? Rent your contemporary lifestyle today!

The contemporary lifestyle in London might mean different things to different people, but social media suggests that a morning coffee from the local independent café is seeping its way into our essentials lists, and did you really even have that dinner if you didn’t take a snap?

For many, this is branded as a negative part of the younger generation’s culture. Millionaire property mogul, Tim Gurner told people to “stop buying smashed avocado” to be able to buy a house. An interesting idea, if a little far-fetched…

But it is important to look at this lifestyle and culture in a different light.

What does it mean now to be a part of the ownership conversation?

And what does it mean to be a part of ‘Generation Rent’?


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