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The ways in which we live and grow as people are ever-changing.

The average person could change careers up to seven times during their lifetime. Do our homes reflect this movement through our journeys?

The brief of a lifetime home—

—The space needs be a transformer; able to facilitate developments to its form or programme at any given time.

—It needs to be a space that we can love – work – make brunch – get a turtle – grow younger – entertain in.

—A space that can be revised, rethought and reimagined.

A space that we can edit & update | A lifetime home.

“In our current economy, homes are having to grow with families in a very different way to previous generations. Our homes will go through more makeovers and new looks than ever before. There needs to be a conversation opened around how we can fulfill the increasing need for our edit & update homes in the most sustainable way.”

~ Remi


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